Welcome to Brain Snacks for Teens on the Go! "Brain Snacks are effective ideas and strategies, with detailed tactics, to help you turbo-charge your life. They're delicious and nutritious pieces of information that can help you become happier, healthier, and more successful in your life and, ultimately, make the world a better place. The ideas, tactics, and strategies in this book have been helpful to me throughout my life, and my hope is that they will be just as helpful to you." -Author Alex Southmayd
BUY NOW The book is broken up into four parts: Your Brain, Your Body, Your Life, and Your World. There's a good reason for this order. Everything we do begins with our brain. Life for us might as well not exist without our brain, since everything we perceive takes place inside of it. All our thoughts, actions, habits, reflections, emotions-everything that constitutes existing-originates from our brain. Therefore, on the road to changing ourselves and those around us for the better, the brain is the first destination. Once we have achieved a level of mastery over our brain, we can begin to control our body. We can gear our habits toward improving our health, fitness, and well-being, and we can maintain those habits over time-but only if we have disciplined our brain to do so. Once we have control over our brain and our body, we are well on our way to controlling all the other, less tangible aspects of our life, from building confidence to developing a stronger character. And as you will learn while reading, we cannot expect to change our world for the better if we cannot first change ourselves for the better.

About Author

Alex Southmayd was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and raised in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated from Groton School, a prep school in Groton, Massachusetts, with honors. At Groton, he was Vice President of the Debate Team, President of the French Club, a head board member of the Groton Community Service Board, a writer for the school newspaper, the lead trumpeter in the Jazz Band, a member of the varsity squash team, and an All-League squash player. He scored 800, 800, and 770 on the Critical Reading, Writing, and Mathematics sections of the SAT, respectively, and he is an AP Scholar with Distinction. Alex also qualified to sit for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination. His favorite area of study is foreign languages, and he is fluent in French. Alex is a lifeguard, he lives in Boston, and he is a member of the Class of 2015 at Amherst College. Please send us an email to enter our monthly raffle to win a free $15.00 iTunes Gift Card



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